Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installation

A long-standing value of RML has been our sustainability mission. We’re passionate about doing our bit for the planet. The most obvious example of this is burning off-cuts in biomass boilers to heat work spaces and cut down the volume of timber waste moving around the country.

In order to take this further we’re happy to have entered the electric vehicle revolution at our Central site in Wellingborough. Four 22kW charging points have been installed to encourage staff and visitors to move away from traditional combustion engines.

Many members of our Senior Leadership Team have made more environmentally responsible company vehicle choices, such as our Managing Director Mark Smy moving on to a plug-in hybrid three years ago. Head of Truss Design Matt Korny and Head of Business Development Mark Gibson also both drive plug-in SUV’s. Furthermore, a number of the design and leadership staff at our Flooring Midlands site also have self-charging hybrid vehicles and CEO Simon Kidney has gone fully electric to spearhead the initiative:

“Challenging our staff to think about their carbon footprint, think about travelling more intelligently and consider car sharing is a long-term planning exercise. The future of transport and industry will embrace this technology as we move towards the 2040 net zero target, so we must explore the realities of it now to help ready the business when the shift away from fossil fuels arrives.”

Moving forward we will also be installing further electric vehicle charging points at our sites in Essex, Wolverhampton, Abercarn and Cheshire. As we aim to maintain consistent Senior Leader Team presence across our factories, this enables staff to offset carbon wherever they travel in their electric vehicles.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email sales@rmuk.co.uk or call us on 01933 279597.