One of the reasons why Robinson Manufacturing has been so successful is our ability to build strong partnerships. Over the years, good communication has been the bedrock of relationships with customers as well as suppliers.

Our Design Team are now recognised as a centre of excellence, and are based at Head Office in Wellingborough. There are a number of ways to talk to the team:

  • By telephone on 01933 279597. All calls go directly into the team office, so your call will be directed to the most appropriate person extremely quickly.
  • By email at – again, these emails go directly into the design team, where they will be picked up and handled quickly by the best person in the team.
  • By contact form at our website – if you know what you’re looking for, you can just enter your details and our team will get right onto your estimate!
  • If you need a little more help but prefer to use digital rather than telephone conversation, you can also use our Live Chat function available on our website at – just look at the bottom right hand side of the page.