Production Head Mat Harbour takes the plunge

Back in May we told you about the brave bunch of Robinsons employees who committed to a 160′ bungee jump to raise funds for the company’s two current chosen charities – The Lighthouse Club, which provides welfare assistance to the construction sector, and homeless support charity The Daylight Centre in Wellingborough.

Well, we are very proud to say they all did it – and all came back in one piece! Before the event, some of the participants told us how they were feeling about the event – and we asked the same people again this week!:

Joanne Parr
Before – “I want to do this extreme sport for charity to encourage everyone else to get involved to raise money for charity.”
After – “It was an amazing experience, but one I shall not be repeating anytime soon.”

Ryan Woodley
Before –” I’ve always wanted to bungee jump!”
After – “10/10. Would jump again. When are we going higher?”

Lauren Hewitt
Before – “I’ve always wanted to do an extreme sport but never wanted to do bungee jumping as I’m scared of heights, but I told myself that life’s always better on the other side of fear and I’ll never get this opportunity again.”
After – “I’m glad I did the bungee jump but I will never do it again as it was terrifying. “

Matt Harbour
Before – “Looking forward to it”
After – “I woke up on Sunday morning with as close to genuine fear as I’ve been as an adult.  Meeting up with my RML colleagues at Wyboston, we got weighed (you’ll be happy to know I’m still holding on to that Christmas dinner) Not a time to be lying about your weight.  We got rigged up and the fear that I had was replaced with floods of adrenaline and the realisation that I’m going to have to throw myself off a very high crane in the next few minutes.  Before I knew it, I was sat in the cradle being winched up to 160ft, sadly it didn’t take that long and before I knew it I was stood with my feet pointing out to the Cambridgeshire sky. 3…2…1…Bungeeeee!  I was off!  The millisecond my feet left the crane, all of the nerves disappeared, the feeling was amazing!  Boing, I was on my way back up again, then down, then up!  A very good way to spend a Sunday morning, already looking for a 300ft jump!  What a great way to raise money”