Developing Apprentices

Robinsons Manufacturing take a different approach to apprentices from many companies.

Once a week the three apprentices sit down with our COO, Simon Kidney, and head through a multitude of different engaging and fun business themes.

Chief Operating Officer Simon Kidney talks to us about his approach:

“We see developing apprentices as very much part of our remit – they can no longer be seen as cheap labour and tea-makers.  Every week we work through a variety of themes with the team including knowledge and skills, professional abilities and behaviour and values,” he explained. “College work the team do includes a lot of theory work but we feel work specifics projects and regular exposure to senior leadership within the business provides great platform above and beyond the usual development curve.”

It’s an unusual approach, but one that is paying dividends with fantastic engagement from each of our three apprentices:

the apprentice team2Josh Gayton, who works with our finance team, commented: “The Apprentice workshop gives us the ability to evolve our creativity on a business level and learn new ways of interpreting the methods of other Companies. It also focuses on our weak areas and turns them into strengths through the tasks we are set. The apprentice workshop has helped me and I feel it has also helped my colleagues learn things that we may never have thought to look into in the past. I just hope other companies look to Robinson Manufacturing and give their apprentices the opportunity to take something like this on board.”

Jack Taylor, working in our Design team: “I feel the sessions are extremely beneficial for me as I am continuously developing my skills both consciously and sub consciously. For example, I used to be petrified of public speaking and having to present to others but because we do this every week, I feel my confidence has greatly increased. We have covered and learnt all types of methods to present and communicate to an audience, as well as learning how to facilitate and dictate a debate. Overall, I have greatly benefitted from this thus far and I believe it is great preparation for the future.”

And last but by no Means least, Lauren Hewitt from Sales & Marketing: “The sessions are really giving me a confident boost when it comes to presentation and its really useful in other parts of your job, especially when your talking to customers, I really enjoy them.”

At Robinson Manufacturing, we like to think of our apprentices as tomorrow’s future, and investment today will lead to brilliant things tomorrow.