Designer James Hobson Profile – Passions outside of RML

On the left – James Hobson coaching at one of his KDMA locaions

Many of our employees at RML have passions outside of their role with us, which we have shown to support through our flexible working patterns. In the case of one of our valued truss designers James Hobson, this means maintaining his own self-defence teaching business alongside his well-established design role.

Based at our Central Wellingborough office, James began working with us in 2009 whilst already part way through his course to become an instructor of self-defence. Now operating across 4 locations in the East Midlands, James’s business under the name of Krav Maga Defence Academy now employs 2 coaches and has classes running daily.

The name Krav Maga derives from the Hebrew meaning of ‘contact combat’ and James has designed his classes to provide realistic advice and training for self-defence that can be applied in actual scenarios. James prides himself as a coach that provides practical training to defend against threats whilst allowing for an enjoyable fitness alternative. The positive feedback on his website speaks for itself as the popularity of his classes continue to grow.

James’s success has been the direct result of his determination and passion, often working 15-hour days. His journey to coaching began in 2005, as he embarked on mastering the key skills for self defence after wanting a change from the gym. After being made redundant from his previous designing role, James decided that it would be the perfect time to pursue his passion on a more permanent basis.

Since then he has reinvented his own form of the specialism to become more practical and as a result created his own syllabus of teaching. It is this motivation and innovative nature that has made James such a valued member of the team.

Although he briefly left the company a number of years ago to dedicate more time to his business, our Managing Director Mark Smy recognised his talents and encouraged James to return in a way that would work for his new working schedule.

In addition to enjoying his design work after many years of experience, it was the people at RML that made James return to his role and the working relationships he has made. Along with the high-quality design work James completes, he regularly visits sites to give technical information and assist with any issues.

James’ colleagues are incredibly impressed with how hard working he is throughout all of his working roles. By allowing his work to be flexible around other commitments, he has been able to thrive in all working areas and this is something RML are happy to accommodate.

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