Design work for Lovell Homes

In September of 2019, we received a request from Lovell NW to provide a quote for a new development in Crewe, Cheshire.

Lovell NW provided a list of inclusions and exclusions, which made the task of providing a comprehensive roof take-off significantly easier. Using the GN Roof software to design the roof truss and spandrel requirements, a manual entry of ancillary items into our system produced the final estimates.

After further contact with Lovell Homes, an order of trusses for 90 plots – across 19 house types – was secured. After James Fairhurst completed estimating work, the approval design process was taken over by Michelle Sweet. Michelle worked hard alongside Lovell to complete innovative designs that our customers were satisfied with.

With the approved designs uploaded to TSM, the Call-Off and Production Teams will ensure a smooth transition of the manufacture through our factory and delivery to site. It goes without saying these projects require a massive team effort and coordination between different departments which Robinson Manufacturing Limited is achieving on a regular basis.

Details of the design work for this project are as follows:

Top Chord Support – Raised Tie


Box Beam & Raised Tie Mono Truss


Typical Truss Layout for On Site Installation

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