Design team preparing for a return with office configuration


Following the safety precautions taken to resume production, we are now planning ahead for the eventual return of our office employees. For the Joist Designers based at our Flooring Midlands site, who are mostly working from home at the moment, this has taken considerable thought due to the increasing size of the team.

Before lockdown the designers worked in reasonably close proximity to facilitate communication. However, once the lockdown began and it became apparent we would need to socially distance, it was clear the office layout should be altered – especially with the increasing size of the team.

Fortunately, the number of rooms and space available in the entire site at Wolverhampton means that we are able to configure the working set up. Sarah Horden – Head of Joist Design – has been attending site over the past two weeks cleaning and setting up the office, making sure it is a safe environment to return to for her team.

Although not all designers would be able to simultaneously work in office whilst social distancing is still in place, at least half the team will be able to return once it is deemed safe to do so. Our design team have worked continuously throughout this period and communication will remain string amongst the team whether they return to the office or stay at home.

The office has been thoroughly cleaned and wipes and paper towels have been supplied to wipe surfaces down regularly. There are no immediate plans for the team to return to the office as of yet, but this preparation will continue in the coming weeks. In addition to preparing safety measures, Sarah has been working from the office once a week and the invite has been extended to the team if anyone wishes to return instead of working from home. 

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