Delivering Tarnbrook Park with Dickie & Moore Homes

Working once again with Dickie & Moore homes, Robinson Manufacturing (RML) has secured a tender to work on the Tarnbrook park development in Thornton Cleveleys.

Supplying both roof trusses and floor cassettes to the 42 plot development, RML Senior Joist Designer Colin Thomson has praised working with Dickie & Moore on this project and hailed them as ‘very easy to deal with during the design approval process’. He also detailed how the information they provided ensured the project commenced smoothly.

Colin also had this to say about the highlights and challenges of working on such a unique site:

“Coming from a background of Timber Frame building design, it was a really interesting challenge for me to come up with a solution for the floor cassette when looking at a Traditional build. I had to consider how the ends of the cassettes were to be restrained to make them rigid as there is no external rim board. I also had to think about how my design would still allow for a 10mm gap around the edge of the build and also provide for a flooring overhang that would allow for the cassettes to be secured together. My favourite part has been seeing all the designs come to life, and I look forward to collaborating with Dickie & Moore again in the future.”

The latest update on the project that is made up of eight different house types is that RML have now delivered the first 4 plots of floor cassettes. The business is working to the Dickie & Moore timeline, and all is on track for everything to be delivered in line with the estimated project completion date of June 2022.

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