Deep Metal Web order for Persimmon North London


As a number of our employees are returning back to production, our Flooring Central operatives have been some of the most excited to get back to reality, as can be seen here. There has been no hesitation in stepping up to the plate and fulfilling large orders promptly, in this case Persimmon’s order of our deepest metal web joists.

As can be seen below, these joists are particularly deep with more metalwork which causes longer spans. After back and forth communication between architects, engineers and our joist deisgn teeam, they were deemed the best fit for this project, which is a flat roof for an apartment block. 

These joists follow a similar manufacturing process as our perfected method, involving teams of 2 or 3 placing the metal work in specified areas by deisgn, to then be secured into place by our press. However, joists of this depth mean that we need to press one at a time, making it an even more substantial achievement to achieve our manufacturing time targets.

Overseen by our Head of Joist Production Jamie Wilkins, this is the largest metal web order he has seen since joining us in early 2019. With our Flooring Central site in Northamptonshire being the main hub of our metal web production, this has been a great target for the team to work towards as one of their first jobs since returning.

Jamie has been proud of the way returning production staff have been so positive and productive, commenting: ‘The job is the deepest depth joist that we offer at 425mm. With some long spanning joists at over 11 metres, the factory team have done a fantastic job with the  substantial amount of time and effort put into meeting the requested call-off date.’

‘Despite still only running a skeleton production team, the success of metal-web orders and production levels continues to be a good news theme of the lockdown. We look forward to future success and the growth of this product.’

Metal web joists have become an increasingly popular choice for housebuilders, due to the time saving benefits of the open web system in regards to installation of pipes and cables on site.

We were glad to complete this delivery efficiently to Persimmon North London, complete with our signature metal web wrap, as can be seen below:

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