Customer Experience Team Office Improvements


Whilst the Customer Experience Team have been working from home during lockdown, our maintenance team have been making improvements to better utilise the space at our Flooring Midlands office. As production supervisors initially moved into the large office space to facilitate communication, these have now been transformed into two office rooms which better utilises space and allows for social distancing.

Although the new Customer Experience Team office is smaller in terms of square footage as the upstairs floor has been divided into 2 rooms, the way the desks have been configured gives a much improved feeling of space. The desks were previously in one bank of 8, whereas now they have been split up more effectively. We currently have banks of just 2 desks with a screen inbetween, giving employees sufficient space to social distance from one another both when they’re at their desks as well as when moving around the office.

The return to the office has been much anticipated by the team, who have all formed close working relationships and prefer the face-to-face communication that working in the same office permits. Starting work again on Monday was done at staggered start times to ensure each person had sufficient time and space to get their machines and phones set up before the next person was sent in.

We are aware that returning to the routine of working in the office can take some adjustment after 4 months off and we aim to ensure our teams are as content as possible. Head of Operations Andreya Ashwell therefore went the extra mile to assemble a gift bag for each member of the Customer Experience Team. This gift bag included various items such as chocolates, an iced coffee sachet, cup and spoon, hand wipes, and a personalised pen holder.

These personal touches have meant the team have quickly settled back into their routine and are prepared to carry out their roles safely. In the same way as they have been throughout lockdown, our Customer Experience Team are happy to take your call with any enquiry, get in touch on 01933 279597.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.