Customer Experience Team Anniversary


With the acquisition of National Hickman’s ETFS business in January of 2019, our Flooring Midlands site in Wolverhampton has become a key centralised site for many of our group wide operations. As the Customer Experience team are at the heart of customer interaction for all our factories, they have progressed extremely quickly and have established a strong team. With 2019 being such an eventful year, it has already approached a year since the team formed and they are now celebrating their anniversary after launching on the 4th March 2019.

It is important to us that our customers receive the best possible service and this begins with the morale behind the Customer Experience Team. With a new team supervisor – Tracy Lappin – appointed and an enthusiastic team behind her, there have been some strong bonds formed.

With many interactive programmes implemented which allow the team to recognise and celebrate excellent service, the positive atmosphere is relaying directly to our customers. The team interact with employees from all areas of the business to co-ordinate operations and have thus created lasting working relationships.

We asked some members of the Customer Experience Team to discuss what it is they enjoy about working from RML and what they have learnt in the last year – here are some responses:

“I have never worked for a company before where they have been so welcoming! Since day one I felt like I have been here for years. I have made good working relationships, which have now developed into friends who I spend time with outside work.

The opportunities given to me have been amazing. This has stemmed from working with the Business Development team, who have helped me grow within the role. They have also facilitated me being able to travel to other sites such as Scotland and – again – building good working relationships with them!

The journey has been a mixture of challenges and great times, having introduced incentives to help us drive our motivation within the team. We are all looking forward to where the journey will take us.”

Nick Hill

“This year has gone by so quickly! The best thing about working for RML is the fact that you are not just a number here, the company values you as an individual and recognises the work you do.

Being able to work with the most amazing people is definitely my favourite thing about RML. Not just the people that I work with on a daily basis, but also the staff that I speak to everyday across the whole business.”

Alesha Harrison

“What a year it has been! We have all come so far and I am happy to be a part of such an amazing team. I have had the chance to get to know various teams across all sites.

This role has become more than I expected it to be and I have now developed many skills, which has enabled me to grow and have a more varied role.

Within this role I have mostly enjoyed the knowledge I have gained, due to working with different products and through customer interaction. I hope to continue broadening my knowledge, completing my work to a high standard and I look forward to the future at RML.”

Amy Crook

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