Covid-19 – Our Commitments

We note the ongoing advice from UK Government with reference to self-isolation and social distancing. We welcome the support in place from Government and Banks to help all our customers, friends, colleagues and business support at this difficult time.

RML is committed to supply chain management and our factories keep producing to supply the house building industry with timber engineered products. We will keep providing this until we are asked not to. We accept this creates challenge for social distancing but are ensuring we maintain hygiene levels in all our factories.

That said we very much care and value our staff and, where we can, send them home to work. In manufacturing this is not so simple. My teams can not take a saw and a truss press home.

We continue to be committed to the supply chain until we are told not to be. I also want to personally thank my teams, especially the front line, for battling on and demonstrating much resilience. Their efforts do not go unnoticed. We have committed to continue to pay our teams whatever the outcome and however long this situation lasts for.

I am sure the government are constantly reflective of what is key work and what is not. We will act accordingly and when instructed to ensure the health and well being of our staff is paramount.

Simon Kidney
Group CEO