Coventry Rugby comes to RML

As part of our partnership with Coventry Rugby, we are able to call on the club for personal appearances by first team players. This was recently put into action when we welcomed Will Owen and Senitiki Nayalo into our Central Wellingborough truss factory to film an RML advert for their home matches, as well as a health and safety induction video for RML staff.

It is important for us to maintain strong relationships with our partners and it was a pleasure to host the two players.

Accompanied by videographers from EpicTech Media, Will and Senitiki were great sports settling into filming a variety of clips from a drop kick over a truss to operating our press machines. We were also pleasantly surprised by their interest in our manufacturing process and interaction with our factory employees.

Will and Senitiki were particularly fascinated by the scale of the Central factory, the machinery that allows us to produce trusses so efficiently and especially the realisation of how hard-working our employees are. We are extremely grateful for the support and co-operation of our factory and office teams in the filming process, which allowed us to carry out the filming with as little disruption to production as possible.

Championship level rugby players showing up in the factory is definitely not a common occurrence for our employees so they revelled in welcoming the visitors and cameras, giving us the opportunity to explain more about the sponsorship. We were also eager to include staff from the Wellingborough factory in the filming as much as possible, with members of our design and call-off team being featured in a number of the shots.

Overall, the morning brought a wealth of entertainment for everyone involved and we greatly anticipate viewing the completed videos!