Corona Virus Contingency Plans

Given today’s announcement from the UK Government on moving from a containment to the ‘delay’ phase of dealing with the corona virus outbreak, we have activated contingency plans for our business to ensure we can continue to supply engineered timber products to UK housebuilders.

These contingency plans include:

  • Systems and equipment are in place to allow office-based staff – including our design team – to work from home without impact on work output.
  • As a business we use 3CX technology to drive our telecoms, ensuring staff can continue to work and communicate remotely just as if they were in the office.
  • Our manufacturing and delivery capacity is currently unaffected
  • With seven factories across the country, we have contingency plans in place to ensure we will continue to be able to meet customer call-offs in the unlikely event that one or more factories are temporarily affected.
  • Hand sanitising equipment is available to all our staff on all our sites, and all our employees have been advised to follow government guidelines for keeping themselves, their colleagues and their families safe.

We remain in close communication with our customers to ensure that Robinson Manufacturing provides the best possible service through this difficult period.

As a result, we expect to be able to continue to design, manufacture and deliver product to housebuilding customers wherever required.

If you have any questions on how your order may be affected, please contact us on 01933 279597.

March 12th 2020, 5pm