Knowing how to communicate effectively is important internally as well as externally. Focusing on our staffs’ skills development, Robinson Manufacturing (RML) offered to all team leaders a workshop delivered by Working Transitions to help them to grow their communications skills.

RML staffing levels have expanded to reflect the company growth and with recent promotions across the sites, it is essential to keep the communication on point. Our Head of HR Anna Kennedy commented: “Everyone at some point will be faced with an unpleasant conversation. Providing our team leaders with this workshop will make them better prepared.” The workshop was very interactive and practical. Before attending the workshop, team leaders filled in a short questionnaire to evaluate themselves to help them recognise areas of communication they find challenging. “We had the opportunity to interact and to see things from a different perspective. The workshop helped me to understand the different challenges faced by other departments. I was happy to see that everyone was treated as an equal and it will help us to improve communication across all levels in the company.” Michaela Grumazescu, Financial Controller, who attended the course commented.

“Getting people motivated can sometimes be challenging, but this workshop helped me think about different ways to approach my team.” Tom Carter, Branch Manager, added: “Internal communication is crucial for RML as it affects the functionality of our teams. The better we work as a team the better customer experience we can deliver.”

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