Department Communication for Housebuilder Site Support

Dean Thomas – Field Technical Manager

As part of our customer journey, Field Technical Manager Dean Thomas provides site support for our housebuilder customers around any installation queries. By spending time with Site Managers and building working relationships, he is able to report feedback to our teams, in order for us to make further improvements to our processes and build a clearer picture around specific customer needs.

These reports are kept up to date after every visit, detailing the information we can take forward for future orders in terms of communication and delivery preferences. The findings are important for various other departments, particularly the customer experience team who keep contact with customers throughout the entire journey with us.

As Dean’s Line Manager, Head of Operations Andreya Ashwell receives this report at the end of each week to oversee all activities and make considerations for future process changes. As the hub of all customer queries, the customer experience team also stay in close contact with Dean to remain informed on all site activities. Customer Experience Supervisor Tracy Lappin utilises the information from these end of week reports to update customer notes on our system, giving greater visibility for the team when any future contact is made. Tracy is also able to ensure the correct training is given to the customer experience team for handling common scenarios.

Tracy Lappin – Customer Experience Supervisor

Conversely, information is also provided to Dean from the customer experience team in relation to new orders placed. This enables him to plan visits around new customers or sites, ensuring they are fully equipped with product information and he is present for first deliveries. Customer feedback is highly valued for our continuous improvement; positive feedback is celebrated in the business to recognise achievements of employees, whilst any areas of improvement are acted upon in a timely manner with site visits.

We are proactive in keeping in contact with customers and Dean’s role is vital to providing high quality service. Knowledge sharing between departments allows us to build a full picture of customers’ requirements and meet their needs.

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