The month of September has been extremely busy for me, as my apprenticeship has finally kicked in and I have started attending college for the new term, alongside having a three day training course with ITW.


Firstly, on the 19th September I started my college course after already working at Robinson Manufacturing for 6 months. The reason for this is because in March, when I made my arrival upon the company, the college course I would be taking was already half way through their course/year. It therefore made sense for me to wait for the next academic year to start, to allow me to get to grips with the industry and better my knowledge for when college starts. Consequently, the past 6 months have greatly benefitted me when at college, as I have been able to understand the complexity of what is being discussed in classes (so far).

I attend college every Monday. I have realised this makes the week fly by because I am only technically in the office 4 days a week with the other day being at college. My hours at college are nearly the same as that of my working day; as I still wake up at the same time and due to the traffic on the way back from Moulton, I usually get home around the same time. It was a slightly strange experience going back into an educational atmosphere, like that of a college, after being at work for 6 months. I’m sure after a few early morning sausage rolls and bacon butties I’ll get used to it again.

ITW Training

Crystal Reports Certificate

Crystal Reports Certificate

Alongside my college enrolment, on Wednesday 21st September, I and two other colleges undertook a three day training course with Kris Madison from ITW. We learnt how to navigate and create reports within the programme ‘Crystal Reports’. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging, but it was very alluring and thought-provoking; I soon picked up the basics and started going off and experimenting. This training will be extremely beneficial for me and the company, as it allows reports to be created by selecting certain information from our databases and filtering/organising them to what we are trying to find. At the end of the training course I was awarded with a ‘Crystal Reports – Stage 1 Training Course’ certificate, which I am greatly pleased with. I have also been informed that our certificates will be framed and placed around the workplace.

I’d say I have had an extremely productive and fascinating month and I’m sure next month will be no different.