Collaborating Safely

With the goal of a record year of production from our Wellingborough factory in sight, the Risk team have this month been looking into the logistics of collaborating safely with sub-contractors as part of the extensive refurbishment and renovation works now underway at Head Office.

The aim of the project is to house our growing team in an environment which is conducive to producing innovative, high quality, efficient work in all facets of the business.

The task of allowing sub-contractors to work on site has been facilitated against the golden rule that nothing can interrupt continued safe production of our high-quality roof trusses – and by extension that none of the works prevent us continuing to deliver to our loyal customers.

Logistics aside, pre-start meetings focused heavily on ensuring all tasks can be carried out safely. Collaborating safely through in-depth review of risk assessments in a setting of open communication, resulted in some innovative ideas facilitating a program of works focused on achieving our goals. This process was influenced heavily by input from production staff and leadership on the shop floor. Taking on board practical knowledge from those with direct experience of the jobs impacted by the movements of our visiting partners will continue to be vital as works progress; by extension, communicating the plan to all members of the Robinson staff imbues a sense of excitement as the plans begin to be realised.

Head of Production Mat Harbour is particularly enthusiastic about the changes afoot commenting that “The remodelling works will result in all aspects of the Estimating, Design and Production teams collaborating in an even more streamlined fashion. Whilst this will help me achieve my overall contribution to our Company-wide goals, I’m also quite excited about getting a new office!”.