Closed Panel Timber Frame Systems

Robinson Manufacturing’s offsite manufactured, Closed Panel timber frame systems consist of rigid PIR insulation, installed between 140mm timber studs, plus an internal vapour control layer and timber service void battens. In addition to this, PIR Insulation can also be factory installed behind the service battens, which further enhances the overall thermal performance of the wall.

When used as part of a cavity wall construction, RML’s standard closed panel systems, provide wall thermal transmittance values (U-Values), ranging from 0.21 W/m2K to 0.11 W/m2K, without the need for any cavity insulation.

On occasion it is specified that cavity insulation is required on a project, to achieve the required U-Values and, due to its enhanced thermal properties, PIR Insulation is specified. However, this can cause concerns regarding on/off site radiant heat risk during on site construction, due to what would be exposed insulation. With RML’s closed panel solution, this is not an issue, as there is no externally exposed insulation that could cause risk of fire/radiant heat spread, because it is all concealed behind the external sheathing of the timber frame structure, which if required can be of a limited or non-flammable material.

As there is no cavity insulation required with RML’s system, on site labour time is reduced, thus speeding up the process of building up the external skin. It also reduces storage requirements and waste management.

We recommend the use of rigid PIR Insulation within the panels, as opposed to mineral wool, because mineral wool could absorb water pre installation and then be sealed within the panel. There is also the possibility that, if not installed correctly, mineral wool could slump within the panel and therefore leave gaps, thus not allowing the closed panel to perform to it’s calculated U-Value.

RML’s closed panel system provides a high performing, safe and user friendly solution to contribute in achieving the requirements of Approved Document L.

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closed panel timber frame systems

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