My Change In Department at Robinson Manufacturing

Yet another month has flown by at Robinson Manufacturing and we are in May already. Much had happened in the previous months and this one was no different.

I am being involved in all the upcoming projects and new functions being introduced to the company. For example, the new live chat system that has been set up; I have been asked to monitor it, which I am extremely grateful for. I have also been attending the company’s marketing meetings which have been very informative and interesting. As a result of being included/involved in many projects within the company, I feel as if they want to hear any suggestions or opinions I may have in helping the company progress.

This month, I have been involved in job rotation within the workplace. As of this month I will be continuing to carry out my normal tasks, varying from customer care to quoting jobs, as well as working twice a week in the production and transport department. So far in this department I have been working on calling off plots for customers and whilst simultaneously liaising with them, alongside many other tasks and responsibilities I have taken on. I feel this is a great opportunity to widen my knowledge of Robinson Manufacturing, whilst also broadening my assets and skills. I always like being introduced to different jobs and tasks, as this allows me to use my own initiative as I constantly learn whilst working. This is one of the many benefits working as an apprentice at Robinson Manufacturing.

On the 16th of this month I found myself in the factory with Wendy, helping her with the metal work that needed sorting, counting and bagging up to get sent to site. This was very different to being in the office in my shirt and tie, but I enjoyed the time spent in there. Again, I was building my professional relationship with the production team and taking on more responsibilities and broadening my range of skills. My relationship with the production team has greatly strengthened over this month, due to all the work I have been doing in that department and working along side them.