A Chance to Shine – New Apprentice

We asked our latest new apprentice to tell us about himself and what he wants to achieve through his apprenticeship – and here’s Jack Wyatt-Burton’s response:

Being the new guy at Robinsons Manufacturing Ltd, I will I start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Jack, I’m 20 years old, I was born in Kettering and basically, I am an extrovert. If you ever need me I’m either at work, at the gym, in my car (probably eating), on a football pitch or cracking jokes with literally anyone. But below the surface of my confident personality is my strong belief in constant self-improvement: by fuelling myself with knowledge, keeping an open mind and maintaining my high work rate, I aim to be to be anything but average, I believe that in the long run there is nothing I can’t achieve, I just need the chance to shine.

I’m not diving into a new job, I’m investing into a career

So now I have a question for you. What do you expect from a job?  money, job security, easy days? Well I used to be the same until I hit the magical age of 19!

Luckily It hit me early on that I want the good stuff in life, A house, maybe another house I rent out, A nice car, A beautiful wife and a couple kids that I can spoil with everything they want, a holiday every year exploring every culture and place I can. And most importantly to look professional (yes, I absolutely love wearing a shirt and tie) so I realised I don’t need a job, I need a career.

So why an apprenticeship and why Robinsons Manufacturing Limited?

Well, when I was 17 I made the worst decision ever, I blew off education for a full-time job, I mean what kid isn’t going to take £240 a week, it sounds amazing and for 2 years I loved life, but like I previously stated, it hit me early on what I wanted from life and it soon clicked that I needed more.

So how do you get a better job that offers you the things you want in life? You educate yourself in a subject that reflects into the kind of job you want.

Now as much as I was never in the house, on the occasion it rained I was gaming, pulling my PC apart or using social media, so when it came to return to education, IT was one of the options that stood out to me and in a modern market they want qualifications and experience and what covers both? An apprenticeship, you work, you study, you get paid and you meet what could potentially be your future colleagues and bosses. It sounds just as good as it is, so when I signed up with 3aaa in Northampton to do an IT apprenticeship they gave me a handful of employers to choose from, and Robinsons stood out to me, how much they stick to their values and how organised they are how they work closely and efficiently with their customers to make their service as good as it can be, I had to have an interview and with thanks to 3aaa they got me the chance to shine.

And what’s the vision now?

So now I’m here an employee at Robinson Manufacturing Limited studying a Level 3 IT apprenticeship and absolutely loving life as the new apprentice, there is such a warm vibe in the office and everyone is so friendly, I enjoy every day and am picking things up so quickly that If anything I just wish I started sooner, I plan on completing my level 3 apprenticeship and then looking to further educate myself with a level 4 apprenticeship specialising in either infrastructure engineering or in cyber security hopefully with Robinson Manufacturing Ltd, but for now I’m just enjoying the journey and trying to soak up everything I can learn.