Celebrating Further Education

Nicole Millard – Marketing Assistant

As Nicole Millard – our Marketing Assistant based at RML Central – has recently graduated, she reflects on her journey and the importance of further education:

After beginning my Marketing Assistant role at RML 4 months ago, the day finally arrived this week to attend my graduation ceremony. Initially moving to Sheffield in 2015, I began my Business Studies course at Sheffield Hallam University with an open mind around where my career path would take me.

When completing my A-Levels, Business Studies was the most enjoyable module for me as I became fascinated with how the business world works and reasoning behind organisational strategy.

The broad nature of my course meant that I could explore various specialities such as Human Resources, Finance, Ethics, Global Strategy and Marketing to decide where my abilities best fit. It only became clear to me towards the end of my second year that the creative and research-based aspects of Marketing is where I should be focusing my attention.

Taking a placement year before the final year of my degree was an option I had always believed in, as I knew the practical experience and focus would help me to achieve the best degree classification possible. Working in a product and category department within this year further consolidated my passion for marketing as I contributed towards marketing materials, the launch of a new website and undertaking market research.

Returning from my placement, I was more motivated than ever and determined to achieve the 1st classification I had been so close to for the first 2 years. The time management skills I had gained throughout my placement meant that I could put my abilities to good use and secure my goal, an achievement I am extremely proud of.

I believe university is a real test of individual work ethic and requires internal motivation to succeed through managing your own workload. I have since applied this to my role and working within a company like RML that has given me the freedom to take my own initiative is where I have thrived.

Although there are now so many avenues – such as apprenticeships – for people to follow in their career that don’t necessarily include higher education, the experience has been invaluable to me and shaped me as a person both personally and professionally.

As I move on to the next chapter, I could not have asked for a better send off after an incredible 4 years at university than celebrating my graduation with family and friends. I am so proud to have graduated from Sheffield Hallam with a 1st in Business Studies – and have made some lifelong friends along the way.

RML employ a variety of people from all educational backgrounds, yet it is great to see the encouragement from senior leaders of pursuing further education whilst in their roles. This is creating a culture of self-motivated individuals that are better equipped to carry out the daily tasks, highlighting the value personal development can provide.

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