Persimmon Midlands Kettering Development

Persimmon Midlands Kettering Development

Persimmon Midlands Kettering Development Quite a local development, Robinson Manufacturing are delighted to be working on the Persimmon Midlands Kettering Development. The 342 plot site is based at Cranford Chase, Cranford Road, Barton Seagrave, Kettering and consists of a mix of standard market-priced housing and 68 affordable homes, some of which are lifetime homes. Here’s what[…]

Lifetime Homes

Lifetime Homes When we are working with housebuilders, we often find ourselves supplying trusses and joists for affordable homes as well as for Lifetime Homes. This is a relatively unknown concept, so we thought it would be useful to explain a little more about what lifetimes homes are. The concept of Lifetime Homes was developed[…]

social housing

Jarvis Contracting Social Housing, Watford

Jarvis Contracting is closely involved with the social housing sector, and has built hundreds of homes for housing associations, local authorities and private companies. We are delighted to be working with Jarvis to provide the following: Flat roof Ecojoists designed to a 1.5 Degree pitch. Additional loadings for green roof system and solar panels, where[…]

Orbit Homes Housing Association

As one of the UK’s largest developing housing associations, Orbit has delivered over 5,000 homes since being established in 2009. Orbit Homes Housing Association Orbit now builds around 1,500 new homes each year, as they strive to achieve an ambitious target of building 12,000 homes by 2020. They make a profit so that they can re-invest it into building more homes,[…]