Caroline Chisholm School Primary Sports Awards

RML supported this year’s annual event at Caroline Chisholm School, celebrating and recognizing the sporting successes of children from years 2-6 as it reflects our primary values: Inspire, Innovate and Deliver.

Awards are given for success in specific sports as well as leadership awards, children’s choice awards and culminating in the presentation of the schools very own sports personality of the year!

The event also gives the outgoing year 6 house captains the opportunity to speak at the event about their successes over the year.

Sponsorship money raised goes towards purchasing and engraving trophies, securing local sports personalities to attend and present the awards and even the hire of tables and chairs to create the atmosphere of a formal awards ceremony complete with red carpet and photographer!

All children receive a formal invitation and are encouraged to get dressed up and view it as a special occasion.

The school is very focused on sporting participation and success, having entered 815 competitions across the academic year and ensuring that every child within years 2 to 6 has represented the school in at least 1 event this year and seen participation in a wide variety of sports from archery to athletics, cricket to cycling and golf to gymnastics.