Career Development in Joist Production


At RML we encourage employees to explore further education, to benefit both their personal development and the new skills they can bring to the business. Based at our Flooring Central factory, James Ball has recently carried out a course to facilitate his career development into Joist Production management, from previously working as an Estimator.

James Ball at RML Flooring Central

James joined RML in 2011 as an Estimator and has contributed to many important projects during this time, such as the integration of acquired Cheshire factory into our processes. After working at our Flooring Central site for a number of years and gaining vast product knowledge, he had both the passion and experience to progress into a more hands on role in the production of Metal Web Joists. 

By spending more time on the factory floor at the end of 2019, James recognised an opportunity to expand his knowledge in regards to leadership and project management. Therefore, when he asked our CEO Simon Kidney if RML would be able to fund a course that helped him in this area, Simon was happy to help. 

The course identified was the ‘Skills Network Leadership and Management Programme’. This consists of 10 units which cover problem solving, stress and conflict management, discipline in the workplace, organising and delegating, leading and motivating a team and induction of new staff. With production paused in March as a result of COVID-19, James was able to spend this time dedicated to the online course and focusing on his teachings.

After passing Level 2 of this programme with ease, he moved onto Level 3 which tests his knowledge through 1000-2000 word assessments for each 10 units. As he will be moving into a role which requires leadership of a large team, the main learning he took from this course was becoming more aware of the ways individual behave and the best way to react. James now has a comprehensive understanding of management that will give him the confidence in becoming a leader and encouraging productivity.

Also working in the same office, Joist Estimator Tom Taylor has completed his apprenticeship in Business Administration and prepared to pursue his full time career with us. Encouraging career development is at the core of our values and we look forward to seeing the confidence build in employees who carry out further education.

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