Cantilevered Roof Truss

cantileverA Cantilevered Roof Truss occurs where the main body of the truss, not just the rafter overhang, projects outside the support.

All the standard roof truss profiles can be cantilevered at one or both ends. The structural treatment of the cantilevered roof truss varies with increasing cantilever distance.

The Standard Heel permits a small cantilever on normal heel joints without further modification.

The Modified Heel: in some instances, cantilevers can be accommodated by modifying the heel joint. Limitations depend on loads and timber sizes, but the support will always be local to the heel joint.

The Cantilever Web can be added to strengthen the bottom chord. The maximum cantilever distance permitted is normally limited to the lesser of a quarter of the setting out points span, or the first internal node point.

In some instances, a cantilever causes the outer bottom chord bay to be in compression and a lateral brace may be required.

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