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Trusses and Metal Web Joists for a project in Cambridgeshire


We work with many small to medium housebuilders in their projects to supply high quality Roof Trusses, Metal Web Joists, I-Beams and Spandrel Panels. These housebuilders can often use external companies to supply suitable building materials. In recent months we have worked with a Cambridgeshire based supplier to provide both Trusses and Metal Web Joists for a local self-build development.

This project consisted of a bungalow extension, using both the Trusses and Metal Web Joists to form a roof. It was essential that these additions complimented the existing roof, which was confirmed by a site measurement. In the design process for this build, our team used asymmetrical Trusses in order to match an existing pitch on the bungalow, staying within a maximum allowed height.

On the other hand, the Metal Web Joists formed a flat roof section of the bungalow, with a unique design feature of the Metal Web Joists cantilevered to form a canopy. This meant the joists – with a depth of 219mm – were each cut to a different length to achieve a taper at an angle. This meant our joist and truss design teams worked closely to ensure these designs complimented each other in terms of measurements and aesthetic.

With our products delivered in June and July to suit the customer’s fitting schedule, we have received the following photos from site to see our delivery fitted:

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