Every six months, we ask our customers what they think of Robinson Manufacturing – we find the responses help us to make sure we’re meeting their expectations – and of course all feedback helps us continue to refine the customer’s journey through our business every time they ask for a quote and order roof trusses and floor joists.

Results are also built to help us monitor the patterns of customer satisfaction.

The questions we ask differ depending whether we are asking Site Managers and agents or talking to Buyers.

Our most recent survey addressed Buyers, and we are delighted to report that:

  • 100% said we turned the quote round on time
  • 100% found quotes easy to understand
  • 100% of quotes needed only a few minor tweaks & were happy with how these were handled
  • 100% happy that everything was included in our quotes

We are also delighted that our customer service team have made such an impact, with the vast majority of Buyers happy that they knew what to expect at every stage of the process.

Of course, such a survey also highlights opportunities for improvement, and we are very grateful to customers who have helped us identify what we can do better – and please be reassured, we are already on the case!