Business As Usual Post-GDPR

Now that the dust appears to have settled on the inception of the new regulations, it’s business as usual post-GDPR. It’s interesting to see how many emails continue to appear well after the ‘deadline’ of May 25th, and that realistically – from a Robinson Manufacturing Ltd. perspective – it’s business as usual.

Given the rate at which technology develops, an update to data protection protocol was well overdue. In 1998 when the previous DPR came into force, 3.1% of the world’s population had internet access. This month the figure sits at 51% which represents an enormous increase in the number of potential risks your data might encounter when it moves from one machine to the next.

The fact that a core element of the revision focused on clarity and transparency was a pleasing commonality with our own ethos. We want the experience of our customers to have that same clarity – the journey from enquiry to project completion to be straight-forward and easily mapped out.

With regard to the use of personal data that is central to the GDPR, we have always treated it with the greatest of respect. In GDPR terms, our legitimate business interest is supplying you with highest quality trusses and joists.

Whenever the next data protection update occurs, the technological landscape will likely be unrecognisable. The ethos and quality of Robinson Manufacturing Ltd. on the other hand, will remain the constant it has been for over twenty years. Business as usual post-GDPR? We think so!