Building Product Knowledge

It’s not just manufacturing teams who need to understand the products we make, and that’s why we often ask Robinson Manufacturing’s office staff to spend some time with the factory teams getting hands on within the process. Last week, our new Marketing Assistant, Nicole, spent a day in our Wellingborough roof truss factory to make sure she understands how we make our products. She has written about the experience:

In order to launch my career as a Marketing Assistant for RML, it was essential that I knew to the fullest extent how our products are manufactured and the team that contributes to their success. Therefore, spending time in the RML Central Truss factory was an excellent opportunity to broaden my product knowledge.

It was a pleasure getting to know the production team and their stories such as Grant and Ashton progressing quickly in their first 2 months to Ash who has been working hard with us for 18 years. I also found the RML family values to be taken quite literally in the factory as Ash’s nephew is our charismatic factory supervisor Tom, who has also been with us for a long period of 13 years.

A pro-active supervisor, Tom gave me a tour around the factory to provide me with a better understanding of the full process of production from the confirmation of jobs via the design team, to the finalising of loading trusses before delivery. Tom’s co-ordination of various teams and problem solving when any issues arise plays an essential part in the success of production.

The camaraderie amongst the team on the factory floor was clear to see from the moment I began my day as they were more than happy to show me the jobs that I could contribute to such as gathering all the relevant materials. Productivity is also of the utmost importance in the factory as the team are either busy assembling and pressing the trusses or preparing for their next job.

The efficiency developed over the years was apparent as the pre-cut to size timber are placed in the relevant order and location ahead of time so they are easily accessible and trusses can be made without delay. The trusses are then promptly picked by our forklift drivers to be stored for our next customer delivery.

I aim to continue learning from our factory staff. Along with gaining working relationships amongst the team, my product knowledge has improved dramatically and has helped me to understand that efficiency and team work are what makes RML so great in what we do.