Bovis Homes Stanton Cross Development

Bovis Homes Stanton Cross DevelopmentThe new Bovis Homes Stanton Cross Development, Wendelburie Rise, on the doorstep of RML’s Central factory and Head office in Wellingborough, will eventually bring 3,650 new properties, 3 schools and multiple parks as part of the approximate £1 billion investment to the area.

It’s great to be working with Bovis Homes once again and to see such vast expansion of our local area. In addition to the location benefits of such close proximity from our Central flooring production in Wellingborough, our excellent communication and speedy lead times have ensured efficiency on site. We had the pleasure of visiting the site during phases 1b – 2c to see the floor installation in action and speak to Site Manager Paul about how our service has benefited production.

As an experienced manager in the construction industry, Paul commented: “I’ve been working in this industry for 20 years and have always dealt with Robinson during that time.”

He also stressed how beneficial other services offered to his team have been, such as training sessions for builders on site. As part of this additional service we gave the opportunity for less experienced builders to learn from our factory operatives how the metal web joists are made and thus making installation much simpler.

As close communication with our customers is of paramount importance to us, our Field Technical Manager Dean has already built a great relationship with Paul. Working closely with our Call Off team, Dean has been on hand to solve any issues with installation, queries around delivery or general enquiries moving into the various phases of development.

As efficiency and plot utilisation is of significant importance to the site, strong time management by the Call Off team has also been essential in ensuring accurate delivery times so there isn’t crowding of joists on site (a major issue for site managers). However, our newly improved heat seal packaging gives our customers the flexibility of keeping joists safely on site without vital parts being lost.

Another area we have been able to provide assistance with recently is around a shift in joist centres to optimise the quality of homes for Bovis customers. Our skilled joist designers assisted Bovis in altering flooring plans moving forward to the new phases, which consisted of changing 600mm centres to 400mm and providing additional required resources such as glue promptly.

Our relationship with the team at Bovis Homes site is a great example of our ability to communicate closely and effectively, work to flexible and quick lead times, in addition to reacting quickly to any teething problems on site. We will continue to keep close contact with Bovis and greatly anticipate seeing the finished product of the impressive new community that is Stanton Cross!