Birdsmouth Cuts for Raised Tie Trusses

Birdsmouth Cuts for Raised Tie TrussesBirdsmouth cuts are required on rafters when designing trusses with a section of sloping ceiling.  It provides a flat surface to bear on to the wallplate and ensures a positive connection is made to the wallplate.

These cuts are nearly always made on site which allows the carpenters to position the cut to suit the building dimensions, after any tolerances in the brickwork.

We were recently asked by Cornwall Timber Build if it was possible to perform this operation at our Abercarn branch.  With their construction being timber frame, Cornwall Timber Build were confident of the spans, not requiring that on-site tolerance.

The Turbo Drive Hundegger saw in Abercarn is more than capable of being programmed for the work and James McLoughlin soon had the details sent across the network to the machine.

A couple of test cuts to ensure it was going to work as intended and the saw was set to work creating the 9 birdsmouth cuts.  The result was 9no. trusses with exactly the same cuts, saving time and costs on site as well as eliminating the additional challenges of manually handling the trusses to create the cut on site.