Benefits of a thorough induction process

Trainee Estimator Brandon Stamp

RML is an advocate of a hands-on approach when it comes inducting new employees, and this has been no different for our new starters at RML Central Drew Moyo and Brandon Stamp. With Brandon training as an Estimator and Drew becoming a Production Assistant, it is essential for them to gain a background knowledge of our products and manufacturing processes before they fully begin their roles.

Although many of our employees join RML with experience in estimating or general construction, we appreciate the benefits of bringing in a fresh perspective through trainees. In the case of Drew and Brandon, they bring knowledge gained from Project and Construction management courses at College and University.

A key aspect of our induction process is spending time on the factory floor to see our production methods and facilities first hand. Within Drew and Brandon’s first 2 weeks, they worked with established teams at RML Central on the saw and pressing tables used to assemble trusses. This gave them a tangible feel as to what sections of timber we use, how they are pressed together and what various sizes, shapes and weights finished trusses can be.

After completing their time in the Factory, Drew and Brandon could both appreciate the benefits that this induction method provides. Matt Korny – Head of Truss Design and line manager for Brandon – particularly noticed this as both new starters went out of their way to comment on how hard the teams in the factory work. They also took note of how teams and individuals focused on speed and quality in different ways to benefit their development.

Matt has been impressed with Drew and Brandon’s progress, commenting:

‘They had a number of insightful questions on the back of their experience, keen to know more about the EF costing system and how it worked.  I have been impressed with their hunger and how quickly they are picking up the knowledge.’

This experience put into context the learning they had gained through desk training and has assisted in their development since. Furthermore, spending valuable time with production staff led to creating closer working relationships, making them feel more welcomed into the team and allowing for ease of communication into the future.

Creating working relationships has also consisted of spending time in various departments to fully grasp the RML process from initial enquiry to delivery. Especially in the case of Drew who will be monitoring production, speaking with the Call-Off team allowed him to understand the stages that follow his area of speciality.

Management monitor progress continuously, with regular meetings and knowledge tests to give feedback and examine where more training may be needed. Mat Harbour – Head of Truss Production and line manager for Drew – further supports this:

‘In order for Drew to appreciate the challenges that the production department face, it’s essential to ensure that his knowledge of roof truss design and construction has a firm foundation. By working through the Gang-Nail training program with the support of our experienced design office, we can make sure that he has the best start possible.’

Through being surrounded by the design and estimating team, Drew and Brandon are able to apply their learning to real scenarios, which will contribute to their success along with the other factors mentioned.

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