Back to the floor returnsBack to The Floor Returns

A year on from the inaugural ‘back to the floor experience’, our Senior Leadership Team will again be leaving their desks and returning to the factory floor in early May for a hands-on experience of how we engineer our roof trusses and floor joists.

The Senior Leadership Team has grown in the last twelve months with the addition of amongst others Sarah Horden as Head of Joist Design and Anthony Moreton as Head of Customer Experience. Whilst it was not necessarily on Anthony’s agenda during his interview, the subsequent opportunity is appealing as he continues to shape his team. “Getting into the factory adds to product knowledge which is invaluable to help me to understand customer requirements” commented Anthony who also looks forward to passing on experiences from the day to his team.

Part of the challenge is of course ensuring that all of the one day roles are suitably risk assessed and relevant PPE is available. Indeed, our supplier called to check some of the smaller shoe sizes weren’t ordered in error.

The RML family have expanded since the first ‘back to the floor’ day with factories in Wolverhampton and Scotland doubling the business overnight. This is an opportunity to tap into the knowledge of our new team members and get a better understanding for alternative production systems and methods which their experience bring. With enterprises afoot to rearrange factory layouts at our new locations, input from the factory floor is invaluable to help with long-term planning.

The exercise is one of the ways in which we put our customer charter into practice. ‘Back to the floor’ challenges our staff, expands on expertise, monitors performance and in so doing helps us to better meet the requirements of our valued customer base.

Greg Farrar, Head of Risk