Auditing Quality

Regular audits of quality standards help RML to retain its focus on delivering quality. The HSEQ team, headed by Matt Davies, has co-ordinated with the UKAS accredited certification partner Certification and Timber Grading to work through the auditing process.

Through our PEFC certification, we are able to account for the chain of custody of our timber. The surveillance audit cycle serves to underline our dedication to both the environment and the customers we supply.

RML are also proud to operate to BS ISO 9001:2015 international management system, which is also being audited during the visits to our seven sites throughout the UK. While the PEFC certification has a focus on materials and product quality, the ISO 9001:2015 requirements apply to the whole business. These systems demonstrate a commitment to delivering excellence in all areas of our operations, from the customer experience team, to manufacture and design.

Regular auditing of compliance to PEFC AND ISO 9001:2015 is welcome part of risk mitigation for RML.

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