Conservation of Fuel & Power: Approved Document L

Changes to building regulations that are starting to pave the way for Future Homes Building Standards in 2025 are already having an impact on how we build, according to Head of Timber Frame, James Stanbridge: “Not everyone is yet up to speed on  the impact of the changes, but with Robinson Manufacturing’s range of insulated and semi closed panels with vapour control layers fitted and further options of factory fitted windows, we are expertly placed to help builders achieve the Part L changes.”

For clarity, here’s a summary of Approved Document L:

What is it?

A regulation that sets the standards for the energy performance and carbon emissions of new and existing buildings. Part L updates with reasonable frequency where the permitted amount of carbon used by a building is tightened, setting out the requirements for Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP calculations) and Carbon Emission Targets for dwellings.

When is it?  

On 15 December 2021 the government announced changes to the building regulations to the help UK deliver net zero. This includes a requirement for new homes to produce around 30% less CO2 than current standards. The changes come into effect from 15 June 2022, paving the way for the Future Homes Building Standards in 2025, which will mean all future homes are net zero ready and will not need retrofitting.

What does this mean? 

Improvements include; more heating recovery and heating system flow temperatures being restricted to 55 degrees. Photovoltaics proportional to ground floor area and, this is where we come in, thermal element U-values of walls 0.18, windows 1.2, floors 0.13, roofs 0.11.

How can we help?

Building with a timber frame system, rather than a traditional masonry method, ensures a highly insulated, airtight building -the first steps in achieving a high performing home. In addition, timber frames have an inner vapour control layer, that acts like a big air seal, meaning that airtightness of 8m2/h.m2 @ 50 Pa is easily achieved.  Furthermore, as the requirements tighten further towards 2025, with timber frame there is limited change in within wall make ups – builds remain consistent without significant loss of floor area, or bigger footprints.

If you’d like to find out more about how RML can help you be Part L compliant, email us or call 01933 279597.

approved document l

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