Congratulations on an Apprenticeship Completed!

As another of our team of apprentices finishes their apprenticeship process, we asked him to write about the experience:

Hi, my name is Cameron Hendry and I have recently finished my Level 3 IT Technician Apprenticeship with Robinson Manufacturing Ltd. The time I have spent here has been both challenging and constructive. I have spent my time both working and learning, developing my technical skills as well as building my interpersonal confidence & experience.

Whilst I was an apprentice I was involved in the Apprenticeship programme which had us managing activities such as the organising, taking part in & the raising of money for our selected charity for that year. We also had control of the company’s internal newsletter that was sent out to all members of staff across all the factories nationwide. Recently the company have begun to hold sessions targeting the development of the skills that you need to be a productive and proactive member of a team, such as problem solving & communication skills.

The company gave me the time and resources that I needed to pass all of my exams and complete my final three projects for the qualification. This all came alongside my work for the company as a Roof Truss Estimator, this meant I had to be able to manage my schedule of work to ensure that I met deadlines and that my work always met our customer’s expectations whilst also meeting my targets and completing my exams for the apprenticeship.

Robinson Manufacturing has helped develop many of my skills including, Timekeeping, Communication, Working under pressure, Workflow management & Team working; to name just a few.

Apprenticeship Completed!

Cameron Hendry