As the three apprentices of Robinson Manufacturing, we are teaming together to generate our companies first apprentice networking event. We will be hosting the event to give new starting or current apprentices the chance to engage with other like minded individuals and to share how they all work within their specific industry; whilst also gaining potential business contacts for the future. This networking event also gives other apprentices the chance to further develop on their communication skills by being able to convey their thoughts and opinions to other apprentices from different working environments.

The date of the event is scheduled to be the week commencing 10th April. For the past few weeks, the three of us have been regularly meeting up to discuss and brain storm our ideas on how we will conduct our homemade event. We have begun structuring the initial plans and blueprints of the day; our next step is to finalise a venue and start reaching out to employers of apprentices.

The event is going to feature a selection of breakfast food and drink. In addition, we will be hosting a variety of different team building activities for the attendees to take part in. The three of us will hope to make this networking event as fun and informative as possible and try to entice many people of different age groups to attend, as not only are they to listen and consider what we have to say, but also they will be given a great opportunity to build social and business relationships with one another.

As the weeks move on, we are definitely progressing with our ideas and turning them into solid blueprints for a successful day.