A Milestone for our Apprentices

As relevant experience is often essential to securing a job, apprenticeships are a key career stepping stone for many young adults that want to enter a certain industry. Over recent years we have welcomed apprentices into RML and guided them towards a preferred speciality that they can implement in their future career.

Jordan Behan

A particular area we have focused on for new apprentices is design, as our growth and therefore increasing demand has created more vacancies for Estimators and Designers. We now have a trainee estimator Jordan Behan and designer Tom Taylor reaching the end of their programme with us. After proving their competence in daily tasks through the course of their apprenticeship, we are delighted to be able to offer them a permanent role within RML.

Head of HR Anna Kennedy is an advocate of apprenticeships and has offered a lot of support for past and present trainees:

‘Apprenticeships are a great way for us to develop the skills relevant to our business, particularly in more specialist fields, and allows us to mould them to our values and culture. By investing in Apprenticeships, we offer skills and qualifications that are valuable to the individuals and the business, and in return gain committed and engaged employees.’

Anna has previously been involved in an apprenticeship academy, which focused on teaching general business skills such as communication skills, organisation and prioritising, team work and general professionalism. Clear goals and projects are also given to work towards, such as apprentices initially creating our internal staff newsletter that is still being replicated bi-monthly.

RML’s approach is to treat apprentices the same way as our permanent employees, by applying identical training programmes and progress tracking. Putting this into practice, our Head of Truss Design Matt Korny implements a structured 6-week training programme to ensure all estimators and designers have the essential background knowledge before they begin daily tasks.

By creating a focus around monitoring progress and taking responsibility for projects, we give apprentices realistic perceptions of what is expected in a full-time role. Therefore, we ultimately aim to instil enough confidence in apprentices so they pursue a career with us from the experience gained.

Education is still an essential part of our apprentice’s progress as they spend 1 day a week out of the business continuing with their studies. This could be in a wide variety of subjects, but in Tom and Jordan’s case the focus has been on their business administration course.

With many of our employees still pursuing further education whilst in work, we know that continuous development is beneficial for employees and business operations alike to maintain high quality.

Through working on a new initiative that can allow new employees to experience the many specialist areas of the business, we are constantly looking to improve our apprenticeship programme.