An NHBC Inspector Calls

nhbc inspectorFlooring Midlands recently had the opportunity to welcome a team of NHBC inspectors to site for a tour of our facilities.

It was a perfect opportunity to see things from both sides of the industry, to understand the challenges of others – and ultimately continually improve the product we send to site.

The visiting team led by Inspection Manager Paul Hurst and 7 of his colleagues spent the morning taking a look at the day-to-day from raw material to pre-site works. A good opportunity to see all stages of the process.

Once back in the comfort of the offices, Darren Hirons a key member of the design team, offered a little more insight into the design background and took questions from the wider group.

Finally, to top the morning off, Mark Tilston from our Key Supplier James Jones carried out an accredited CPD course to further demonstrate what our I-beam product is all about.

NHBC Inspector Paul added after the visit:  “The team had a great day at Robinson Manufatcuring. We all took real benefits from the CPD and the factory tour. The company shared with us a real sense of ambition to expand the market share, which was evident with the new automated lines being installed. I felt from the team a real passion for what the company was trying to achieve and their part to play within delivering quality products to the homebuilder.”