An Induction Through Lockdown

Sam Gartside – Finance Director

As we have spoken around in a previous blog, our recently appointed Finance Director Sam Gartside faced the challenge of starting her induction during the lockdown period. In this short time, Sam has already developed quickly and settled into her role as we become busier with our customers returning to housebuilding.

Sam’s role can be carried out predominantly from home, which we have continued to support so employees can gradually return with safety as a priority. However, Sam has been maintaining contact with her team across multiple sites and working from our Central office once a week.

Since we resumed production on the 11th May, Sam and her team have already seen the positive effects. Operations such as payroll has been consistent throughout, ensuring all staff are paid in full and on time.

We appreciate the lockdown has been a difficult time for many businesses. The finance team have therefore been communicative and understanding with other companies we have financial relations to rearrange payment schedules. Our purchase ledger has also been managing our suppliers, keeping up communication to manage their expectations on payment. 

Despite this induction being under difficult circumstances, Sam has been grateful to still feel in touch with the business: “You see many businesses who claim to be ‘like a family’, when in reality (and behind the scenes) they are not – Robinsons Manufacturing really is. Everybody, whether still working or furloughed, has continued to be part of that family, and that is great to see. The Senior Leadership Team have been outstanding, and one of the best I have worked. Their passion for the people and the business is second to none and it makes me very proud to now be part of the team.”

There is also still regular calls amongst the Senior Leadership Team, which has allowed Sam to stay completely informed with all developments. Although the initial remoteness made it difficult to make the close working relationships Sam would’ve liked, this communication has made the situation more manageable. 

Sam is very grateful for the support from her team, the SLT, Simon and Mark – and looks forward to a permanent return to the office.

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