Adapting for homeworking for the Customer Experience Team


As with many people across the world at the moment, we are all adapting to homeworking within the business. A main priority for us has been to ensure that our customers are always up to date with any advancements and continuing with our work remotely wherever possible.

For the Customer Experience Team, they have made additional efforts to reassure customers that we can still progress with any quotes and reschedule deliveries.

Alesha Harrison is a key member of the team, after working for RML since the National Hickman ETFS acquisition last year. By taking home her whole working set up including desk, computer, chair and phone, Alesha is prepared to carry out her daily tasks with little changes.

It is clear that team work has been essential in making homeworking a success, with Alesha commenting: ‘I am really grateful for the Production team in Wolverhampton, as they helped me load my car with all my work equipment and my colleagues have been incredibly supportive.’

Despite any apprehension about a new way of working, Alesha has found there has been little change to her daily tasks and has still maintained consistent contact with customers. Whilst also providing support for customers with any delivery changes, they have been pleased to see the level of enquiries stay at a steady pace.

In terms of staying productive, Alesha has maintained a routine through getting up at 6am as she normally would to exercise and keep her mind active. In addition, she has made her working environment as comfortable as possible by imitating her set up in the office – as can be seen below:

Homeworking for Customer Experience Team

The whole Customer Experience Team are currently holding a daily conference call to outline their priorities for the day and ensure there are no confusions or overlaps with contact. This has been important for Alesha in keeping her motivation levels high:

‘It is so important to keep connected with my colleagues throughout all sites across the country, so we can continue with our normal roles as much as possible and staying close gives us that support.’

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