First Month!

Joshua Gayton joined our Finance team in July as our apprentice and he’s been writing about the experience:

This month has flown by but I also feel like I have taken in so much! I am really enjoying my time working with the team I have and I cannot wait to see how we develop the finance department. I have been running through the same process for each week in order to keep up with where the company’s money is flying around so that we can control its flow within the business itself. I have been working on many different financial sectors of the company and it has intrigued me how many people a company has to deal with in order for everything to work out as it should and being able to chase people for the invoices that we have being brought in every day.

I have been taking so much on board and if it wasn’t for my team I would have the ability I have of doing what is asked of me every day when I go into the office. I have been having a great time getting my bearings of the company and actually being able to make a difference in the company. Even if that does mean simply making some of the shelves look neater by packing all the loose paper into folders. I am finally starting to understand what it is that some of the people we buy products from actually provide us with and how they impact our company and give us the stock we need to ensure we can arrange the payments needed to be transacted in order for the customers to receive their products when they need them.

I have also had the opportunity to look in depth at our competitors and do research on how their companies operate to see if there are any ways that Robinsons Manufacturing Limited can be improved even by the slightest angle to make our company stand out even more to the general public so that the next time you wish to get some roofing done in your home, you’ll feel safe to use a reliable and well sourced company like us.

Emma has done a great job preparing me and Mark for her leave so that we can take on the finance department with just Me, Mark Rolf and Nigel King. We are starting to get into the shape where we feel comfortable that we will be able to hold the company finances together while she goes off to the Caribbean for her honeymoon. We will be wishing her all the best for her wedding and hoping that we won’t need to emergency call her during the ceremony.  I’m looking forward to taking on the workload with both hands and seeing how well we can take on the next month as the three musketeers instead of the four horsemen.

Lately I have had the opportunity with introducing the first prototype for a holiday request form at Robinsons Manufacturing which I found quite exciting. And I’ve also had the chance to play around with some Excel spreadsheets and alter how we record things in the company. I’ve also been given the role of monitoring our lorry drivers which you may find driving around a lot of the time with large roof trusses on their trailers. So now the drivers have to make sure they are being extra good now that I’m monitoring their Tacho cards and Defect sheets to make sure no one has had any nasty accidents or problems with their vehicles. It is fun to feel like you hold a little bit of power, even if it is looking on a computer at how someone has been driving.

My team as always is doing the best they can to ensure that as a finance department we can manage the cash flow of the business through income and expenditure at every constant moment with it be a nasty credit or a lovely invoice. I looking ahead at the future of Robinsons Manufacturing and it looks brighter than ever.

I thank everyone that is keeping up to date with my blog and I can’t wait to bring up some more news on how this apprenticeship is going. To be continued…………..