Josh Gayton’s story continues:

Since I have been taken on at Robinson Manufacturing I have had the delight of learning so much about this company’s finance department and enjoying the incredible perks that came across to me whilst working through my AAT course. The big family environment at Robinson Manufacturing is really helping me push through my course with ease having passed two of the larger exams to my course already and excelling to the third exam in wat seems a rather short amount of time. Without my team in finance I would never feel as confident as I have been when going into the scary exams I have taken.

Mark and Emma have given me incredible support through the past few months and I am so grateful for how much they have helped me achieve through my course already. I am looking forward to further increasing my knowledge further into this department and then taking on learning more about the company as a whole.

Mark Rolf has given me many opportunities to shadow his work and how he is planning on operating the company finance for the coming future. It is a brilliant enhancement to my learning that I feel I simply would never get from any online tutorial. The ability Mark has to teach me through finance has really given me great insight to the easier and more complex areas into the finance process. For someone that has never taught before Mark sure has got a lot more knowledge to stick in my head than a lot of other teachers I have worked with. It has been a brilliant privilege to work with someone that has such an astonishing background of the finance system.

Furthermore Emma Carr has also given me a great deal of insight into the finance function. She too has taught me almost the entire sales function quicker and more in depth than I thought would ever be possible. She has already got me to work with a large area of the finance function which has been very interesting to learn how easily mistakes can be missed and how we can now prevent them. I have definitely had my fair share of mistakes made. However I do feel that I am coming along much better than I was with the sales ledger function and now have the ability to take on each departments invoicing with much more simplicity. If Mark is reading this I may have just buried myself in paperwork. But I am super grateful for everything she has done for me in the past few months.