Welcoming A New AAT Accounting Apprentice

JoshuaMark Rolf, Finance Director, and the rest of the team are delighted to welcome Joshua Gayton to the Finance team as our new AAT Accounting Apprentice; Josh started at the beginning of this week, on 4th July 2016.

“The apprentice scheme advertisement had a very good response, from some very strong candidates,” commented Mark. “Josh was our choice because of his positive ‘sleeves rolled up and can do’ attitude. He also impressed me with his work history and what he has already achieved in his education / studies to date. He will be a valuable member of the team, and I look forward to assisting him to grow into a great finance professional.”

Josh thought carefully before applying for the position: “I was first interested by the qualifications I would be granted if successful on the course. I also then took in which company I would be working with if I decided to go for the position. At first when I did research into the company I had no idea of what a type of work I would be dealing with if working with accounts in the roofing industry. However with my interest in the course and how the company would involve accounts I decided to apply for the position as quickly as I could.”

Outside of work Joshua enjoys catching up on what’s on the television. “I also enjoy the occasional chance to catch up on some gaming and enjoying life in the online world as well as going out to meet friends or friends coming over to meet me. Also I have previously taken part in the amazing performing arts department at Wollaston School participating in many productions and occasionally getting put into some very…..interesting roles. Without all the teachers in the performing arts department I do not feel as confident as I am today. I also do and forget to do chores around the house to help out my Mum who if not for her I would never have been able to make it to work in the early stages of this apprenticeship. Also once a year I do occasionally go down to Dubai to visit my dad who is currently working in a high level of authority in SkydiveDubai for whom I hope I will probably be forced into jumping out of a plane with, but without my dad I do not feel that I would have the Proactive lifestyle I live today and I can’t wait to implement everything they have taught me and my School has taught me and put myself into action in this apprenticeship. ”