A Positive Return to Work


Like all businesses over the last few months, our staff have been through unusual and challenging times. The majority of our back office staff had to adjust quickly to working from home and our factory staff have shown a positive attitude in their return to work.

Managers and Senior Leaders adjusted to managing these groups remotely, especially Head of HR Anna Kennedy who has been there to provide support for all employees. This has ranged from providing resources to help with mental well-being to contributing creative ideas in keeping children occupied for our parents whatsapp group. Employees have expressed their gratitude after using Anna’s ‘Stay at Home Help Sheet’, to find relevant resources for them.

While many staff remain working from home and some are still on furlough leave, we are gradually seeing staff return to our factories and offices. It is pleasing to see how happy people are to be back and see spirits high as they jump straight back in.

There was always going to be an element of apprehension returning to work in strange circumstances, but we ensured we were open with staff about the safety measures put in place to reduce risks and keep people safe and everyone has bought in to their individual responsibilities.

Anna has been closely monitoring the positions and well-being of our employees: “The feedback from the ongoing engagement program to keep staff informed while they are at home or apart from colleagues is overwhelmingly positive. Our strong supportive culture is apparent as those still at home are eager to get back to contribute to the business and support their colleagues.”

The engagement program has brought many closer in other ways too as employees have got to know each other better personally and socialise virtually with people they might not normally come into contact with. While communicating via Microsoft Teams calls working at home also allows people to see others outside of the work environment which gives insights into other sides of colleagues lives they might not normally see.

This will undoubtedly give others the positive morale needed in getting back to work in the coming weeks – as they look forward to catching up with colleagues. This is just one of the many positives we are able to take from the experience to make improvements for the future and continue delivering excellence.


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