A New Safety Normal


Following the implementation of our robust risk assessments and increased cleaning procedures due to COVID-19, we have been pleased to see our teams adjusting to ‘a new normal’ of safety measures. Although the outlook emerging from the pandemic looks bright, social distancing and increased hygiene will be continued for the foreseeable future to ensure staff well being.

Most of our employees have now returned to work, thus maximising the importance of keeping a distance and staying on high alert. For the day-to-day operations of the business, this has meant some adjustments such as office re-configuring, additional hand sanitisers and increased virtual communications.

We also remain pro-active in preventing the virus entering the business, with assessment sheets that are carried out daily by all employees and visitors. These confirm that no-one entering the premises has shown any symptoms or been in the presence of someone who has. Although this was initially something out of the ordinary for employees, teams have quickly adjusted and automatically fill them in without the need for reminding.

Our Facilities Manager Greg Farrar has also been keeping in depth spreadsheets regarding all employee and visitor whereabouts to stay in control of the virus. Despite these small adjustments to daily operations, Head of HSEQ Matt Davies has been able to continue with the continuous improvements begun prior to lockdown. As well as fire risk assessments, IOSH training will continue to educate groups of employees around the importance of safety.

With the national nature of RML, Matt has also remained vigilant around government guidelines across the whole of the UK. Especially in the case of our Scotland flooring factory, restrictions have been lifted at a slower pace and this has been reflected in the speed of our re-opening compared to the sites in England. In addition to gaining information from government sources, Matt has also been using online news and networking resources such as SHP (Safety and Health Practitioner) to liaise with other senior safety figures.

Our teams adjusting so well to this new normal of safety has been a key factor in allowing us to rebuild production levels, which is on track to keep increasing at a steady pace in line with customer demand.

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