A Driver Profile: Reg Westwood


Reg Westwood, has been a driver at Manufacturing for the last 4 years. Having previously been employed at National Hickman for 15 years prior, Reg brings a wealth of experience to the transport team, having chosen to work beyond normal retirement age.

Based out of the RML West Midlands branch, his deliveries have taken him as far as Plymouth and Dorset.

Regs’ role includes conducting inspections of his vehicle before departing to deliver goods, as well as helping to load products onto the trucks in line with company specifications. By delivering orders to customers on specific routes, Reg can plan out his day whilst contributing to ensuring the transport strategy is efficient.

Communication is also a key skill required in the job, as Reg must regularly be in contact with the route dispatcher for updates. The final stage is to unload the goods as per client specification.

When asked about working at RML, Reg had this to say:

“I love the variety of my role, as it can take me anywhere and meeting new clients all the time too. I also enjoy the high energy of our busy sites. The great British weather can also make my job very interesting, as it can get quite muddy while out on deliveries.”

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