The Economy: In-House Survey Results

On the grounds that positive news breeds positivity, we’d like to share the results and indicators from our own in-house survey on how quick the economic recovery may be:

Of those who gave us their opinion in last week’s staff survey, 77% of Robinson Manufacturing employees expressed confidence about the rate at which the economy will recover from the prolonged lockdown.

With so much conjecture in the media about the length of time it will take the UK to bounce back, we thought we’d include the question in the survey our colleagues have completed for us every week since lockdown began.

While it might not be representative in MORI terms, our team are a remarkably broad cross section, based across England, Wales and Scotland, with office staff ranging from apprentices to senior leaders, and design and production teams at every level up to highly experienced engineers.

And of course, each one has his or her own family, home and financial commitments, from younger members of the team still living with parents, to the very many families with mortgages, kids and even grandchildren.

Supporting this data is an increase in traffic to our website, 30% higher for the first two weeks of May than for the first two weeks of February, before anyone considered lockdown. We’re also seeing orders and call off’s increase day by day as more and more housebuilder’s get back to work on site.

Caution is always needed in interpreting results of these indicators of course, and time will tell how this translates into actual demand, but we believe that a positive outlook can influence influential.

Throughout lockdown, we have conducted surveys covering a wide range of areas from how much exercise the teams are managing to take to how they are dealing with home schooling issues. This helps us understand broader as well as specific issues and target the support appropriately.

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