A recent project for Novogold in Park Street, Luton saw the use of a metal web joist roof in the structure as well as the floor of this apartment block development. The block is a steel frame building consisting of apartment blocks and communal walkways.

Tmetal web joist roofhe manufactured joists, designed specifically for the project by one of our experienced ecojoist specialists had a number of features, including:

  • 254 Deep Eco joists.
  • Mix of 400mm and 600mm centres.
  • Steel frame building.
  • Manufactured joists for both flat roof and floor level.
  • Mixture of loads. 4KN/m2 & 2KN/m2 Live load.
  • Flat blocks also communal walkways.

Metal web joists have a number of advantages over more traditional solutions, not least the ease with which services can be run through the open structure. As a result, they are becoming the joist of choice for an increasing number of Robinson Manufacturing’s customers.

Click here to see more detailed drawings.

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